[350 Packs] 3 Oz Paper Cups Disposable Paper Water Cups, Paper Hot Coffee Cups Blue

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Prgery Disposable Paper Cups
  • Quantuty: 350 packs
  • Color: Pale blue
  • Size: 3oz

Product Highlights:
1. Disposable material makes cleanup fast and simple after each use.
2. Smooth rolled rim enhances the cup's strength, not easy to deform.
3. The coated polyethylene lining makes this a leak resistant paper cups that won’t get weak or soggy.
4. Healthier and environmentally friendly, it's a great alternative to traditional plastic.

Wide Range of Application Scenarios:
They have a variety of uses. The mini paper cups are just the right size for rinsing your mouth after brushing, or use as a medicine cups for taking vitamins, supplements and other pills. Also Ideal for serving hot beverages on the go. They work well for drinks, snacks and even oatmeal.