Disposable Sugarcane Paper Plates 7Inch/9Inch/10Inch [120-Pack 40 *3]

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Size: 7 inch/9 inch/10 inch
Quantity: 120 packs (40 *3)

Stock Your Home 7"/9"" Paper Plates
  • 1. Make cleanup easy with these disposable paper plates.
  • 2. Good for kids meal. Save the bigger plates for bigger kids.
  • 3. Perfect to serve a main dish with sides. Also hold up very well to wet foods such as BBQ baked beans , salad dressing, ect.
  • 4. Right size plates are useful if you're trying to control portions and eat less.
  • 5. Compostable paper plates are a must have for every pantry, kitchen, bar, restaurant, or any food establishment.
  • 6. Perfect for any occasion with a wide range of paper plates and a classic design.